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Tetrahedral Puzzles
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Welcome to the Geometry Center!
Patterns, Shapes, Symmetry! You will find these themes everywhere in the Geometry Center. Browse through an exhibit, or jump right in and start experimenting!

Triangle Tilings and Polyhedra

Triangle Tiling is the process of taking many copies of a single triangle and laying them next to each other to fill an area. Experiment with the different patterns you can create with flat tiles, or see how you can make polyhedra out of bent triangles with the Triangle Tiler.

Symmetry and Tiling

Symmetry is everywhere in art, nature and geometry! Learn about periodic and nonperiodic tilings. Watch animations explaining the 17 different kinds of wallpaper symmetry, or use to make your own patterns.

Did you know that all convex polyhedra can be decomposed (cut up) into tetrahedra? Tetrahedra are 3-dimensional pyramids with only four faces, the fewest faces possible for any polyhedron. Learn about tetrahedral decompositions by making your own tetrahedra puzzle pieces out of construction paper and put them together to make more complicated polyhedra.
Fractal Art

Generate your own digital fractal art by using the Science U Fractal Color Scheme Chooser applet. Choose from twenty hi-res fractal templates, and express yourself. Use them for you computer desktop, in custom print projects like cards and t-shirts, or send to friends.

Fractal art is a great way to motivate the creative kid in the class who might not be the best at math. Next time a student like that says, "Why do we need to learn this? I will never use geometry", introduce them to fractal art! It could open their eyes to a whole new way of looking at geometry and possibly other things, as well. Someday, they may become a famous Fractal Artist, with works hanging in art gallery exhibits or gracing the covers of books, brochure printing or posters.

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