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Fractal Color Scheme Chooser
Science U's Fractal Color Scheme Chooser lets you create a fractal image with a color scheme that you pick yourself. You can easily create beautiful patterns in a moment with this fun and educational tool.

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Use the Pick a Fractal buttons to select from one of several pre-computed fractals in the Science U database. When you click on one of these buttons, our server will download the new fractal to your computer. Depending on the speed of your internet connection, this process will take anywhere from a few seconds to a minute or so. Once it has finished, the new fractal will appear in the fractal window.
In the middle of the screen you'll see a window which displays the current fractal using the current color scheme.

You can click in the fractal itself to chose a color to edit; after doing that, the Current Color editor on the right side will change that color in the fractal.

The buttons under Pick a Color Scheme give you control over the colors used to draw the fractal.

Click on one of these 12 buttons to choose between several pre-selected color schemes.

The long color bar across the middle shows the current color scheme. Each color scheme is determined by six "control" colors which are equally spaced across the bar. You can select one of these six colors by clicking in the bar.

You can also click in the fractal image itself; this selects the control color closest to the color where you click.

To edit the currently selected control color, use the color selector at the bottom to adjust the color. Click on the "Set Color" button to apply your new color to the fractal.

Return to the Fractal Color Scheme Chooser page.

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