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Fractal Color Scheme Chooser
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You need to enable Java in your browser in order to use this program.

Make your own fractal art! Use your images in art and science projects, or print them out and decorate your stuff. Click on the Make a Poster button to generate your fractal creation as a 720x480 GIF image.

Through places like Cafe Press, and Snapfish you can have your images printed on cards, calenders, mouse pads and more.

The Science U Fractal Gallery to see a few of our own favorites generated at desktop wallpaper sizes.

Click on the What's Going On? button for instructions on using the controls to pick a fractal and edit it's color scheme.

Understanding Fractals

Fractals Pictures

  • Big Al's Fractals An excellent collection of 120 fractal images freely available for non-commercial use.

Fractal Software

  • The Fractint WWW pages Home page for Fractint, one of the oldest and most popular freeware fractal exploration programs around.
  • Fractal Extreme Fractal Extreme is a fast fractal exploration program with a very intuitive interface, and excellent zoom/animation features.


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