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Science U Cookie Details
So you want more technical details about how Science U uses cookies? OK, here are all the gory details:
  • Each interactive page at Science U sends a cookie called SUCLIENTID to your browser. The value of this cookie is set at random when you visit the first such page at Science U; it's a unique 11-digit integer that identifies your session.
  • Once the SUCLIENTID cookie has been set on your computer, your browser sends it to the Science U web server each time it requests a new page. The Science U server uses this number to store and retrieve things in its database --- things like images that you save, preferences you set, and so on.
  • When you create a Science U locker, the Science U software stores your locker name along with your particular SUCLIENTID value. When you "open" your locker, Science U looks up the SUCLIENTID value associated with your locker name, and sends a command to your browser to set its SUCLIENTID cookie to that value. When you "close" your locker, Science U simply clears your browser's SUCLIENTID cookie setting, which causes a new value to be generated the next time you visit an interactive page at Science U.

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