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Cookies, yum! Cookies are a way for web sites to store a small piece of information on your computer so that they can have access to that information the next time you visit the site. The Science U site uses cookies to keep track of the images you store in the Studio and the personal preferences you set in Science Me. That way when you return to Science U after quitting your brower or turning your computer off, you'll find your studio images and Science Me preferences just the way you left them.

Cookies are also an important part of the Science U locker system, which lets you access your studio images and Science Me preferences from a different computer, or allows several people using the same computer to have separate image and preferences.

If you'd like more technical information about how Science U uses cookies, read our Cookie Details page.

Cookies themselves are completely harmless; there is no way for a cookie to damage your computer, and a web site can't use cookies to read any information from your hard disk, other than a cookie which that site has previously set. Nevertheless cookies have become somewhat controversial because some web sites use them to track users' browsing habits. These sites can then use this tracking information to do "targeted" advertising or marketing --- offering information or products which are specifically tailored to a user's tastes. Some people see this as an invasion of their privacy. Others simply do not like the thought of a web site storing information that they cannot see or control on their computer. It's possible to disable cookies in both Netscape and Internet Explorer, and some web users routinely do this in order to prevent web sites from storing cookies on their computer.

We at Science U value everyone's privacy. In developing the technology behind Science U we explored a wide range of techniques for letting users save information on our site. We came to the decision that for most users, cookies are the best solution, at least at present. Science U only uses cookies in the ways described above. We have no way of obtaining any information about you other than what you enter when you create a locker or when you purchase something in the Science U Store, and we will not give or sell any of this information to anyone.

If you've turned cookies off in your browser, for whatever reason, we encourage you to consider turning them back on while you're visiting Science U. You can always turn them back off when you leave Science U.

If you choose to visit Science U with cookies turned off in your browser, most of the site will work as usual, but you won't be able to save images in the studio or to store preferences in Science Me.

At Science U our goal is to provide the highest quality science fun and education site possible. If you find that our use of cookies detracts from your enjoyment of the site, or if you have any other suggestions about ways that we can improve the site, we would love to hear from you. Please use our contact form.

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