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We at Science U have set up this page to answer your questions regarding how information you provide to us will be treated. We are committed to protecting the privacy of our visitors and want to explain what we do with any information you provide us.

Visitor Tracking. For most of our visitors, we have no idea who you are. We keep a server log file, which records your domain name, what page you were visiting before you came to our site, and your progress through our site. By examining this log, we can learn how visitors find us and how they use the site. We use this information to improve our site, to make it more informative and enjoyable.

Personalizable Features. Many of the features on our site involve pages that you can personalize or images that you can store on our computers. We use cookies to keep track of your personal preferences and your image collection. If you wish to leave our site and return to find your personal features intact, we ask you to get a locker. For this you need to give us a name and a password. You don't have to give us your real name, and we don't provide this information to anyone else.

Purchasing. The products available on our site are from vendors with whom we have contracts. In some cases the vendor collects shipping and billing information from you. In other cases, we collect it and pass it along to the vendor. We do this for your convenience, to minimize the number of times you have to supply information. We forward this information to a vendor only if you choose to visit the vendor's site through our link.

Personal Information. We will not divulge your personal information to any third party for any reason other than to expedite your purchase from a vendor linked from our site. In particular, we will not divulge any personal information to any marketing agency, nor will we accept advertisements from any vendor or agency who collects marketing information about your visit to our site.

Cookies. A cookie is an identifier that we set on your browser. Somewhere in your browser preferences window, you probably can find an option to turn on or off our ability to set a cookie. If you turn off cookies, you will not be able to take advantage of some of the features of Science U. If you wish to take advantage of these features, but do not want our cookie to persist on your browser, you should sign up for a Science U locker. When you close your locker, we erase our cookie on your computer. When you return to Science U and reopen your locker, we will reset the cookie (and erase it again the next time you close your locker).

For more information on how we use cookies, see our cookie policy.

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