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The short answer to the question "Who are the people behind Science U?" is that it is owned and operated by Science U LLC, a company formed by Mark Phillips and Robert Miner to maintain the site.

Science U came into existence as a result of the closure of The Geometry Center at the University of Minnesota. The Geometry Center can proudly claim many notable accomplishments in the area of math and science visualization and communication. In particular, the Center's Web site was one of the first 300 in the world, and has been widely recognized as an influential pioneer in the use of the web for math and science education.

The Geometry Center was funded by grants from the National Science Foundation and the University of Minnesota from 1991-1998. One of the conditions of that grant was that the Center should seek self-supporting ways of keeping the materials developed over the years available to the public.

Science U was the result. In 1997, three senior researchers at the Center formed Geometry Technologies, Inc. Geomtery Technologies created and long maintained Science U, primarily as a service to the community. Material was migrated from the Geometry Center to give it an ongoing home, and enhance it over time. Visit our picture gallery to meet some of the main contributors to Science U.

Science U LLC was spun off from Geomtery Technologies, as a separate project in 2006. To contact us, please use our contact form.

Geometry Technologies now specialized in the design, development and hosting of highly interactive Web sites and e-Business applications. If you are interested in finding out more about our services, please contact us at, or visit our Web site, at

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