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Geometry Center The Geometry Center is about interactive math, with engaging exhibits using computer graphics to explain how triangle tilings and symmetry combine to produce polyhedra. Observatory In the Observatory you can read informative articles about astronomy, and use the Science U virtual telescope to generate stunning pictures of any part of the sky or solar system.

Studio The Science U Studio is a place where you can collect and work with images that you find or create at Science U. Touch up your images with your own text, and then create posters, calendars, T-shirts and other great things. Library The Library helps you locate science information. You can search Science U, or you can browse Science U articles, reference material, graphics, hands-on activities, classroom material, and software.

Info Center The Info Center is the place to go for information about Science U and the Science U crew. Store At the Science U Store you can browse through and purchase from an extensive list of hand-picked books relating to topics covered on our site.

Science Me is your own free personalized page here at Science U. You can personalize your page with pictures from you Studio, keep your own bookmark file, and read personalized site reviews, news and weather. Science Me

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