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Electric Storm by David Ben-Zvi and Paul Burchard

This is an image of a two dimensional slices of the cubic connectedness locus. The locus (CCL for short) is a four-dimensional analog of the Mandelbrot set. The electric storm depicts a slice of the CCL very similar in spirit to familiar images of the Mandelbrot set. (See also the long description.)

How to make it: This picture was created using the program "Brot", written at the Geometry Center by Linus Upson and Christine Heitsch.

Image created: summer, 1993

[Electric Storm]

Copyright © summer, 1993 by The Geometry Center, University of Minnesota. All rights reserved.
For permission to use this image, contact

External viewing: small (100x100 9k gif), medium (500x516 152k gif), or original size (737x760 279k tiff).

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