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  1. Entering a query string:
    If you enter a group of words, the search engine will find all documents that contain all of the words you enter. You may use the "OR" and "AND" and "NOT" boolean operators to specify your search more particularly. For example:
    Query String: geometry polyhedra tetrahedra - found pages will contain of the terms.
    Query String: geometry AND polyhedra AND tetrahedra - found pages will contain all of the terms (equivalent to the above).
    Query String: geometry AND polyhedra OR tetrahedra - found pages will contain both geometry and polyhedra or they will contain tetrahedra. Items at the beginning of the search string are grouped together first, so this will be read as (geometry AND polyhedra) or tetrahedra. Note, however, that parentheses are not allowed in search strings.
    Query String: geometry AND (polyhedra OR tetrahedra) - illegal construction. No parentheses allowed.
  2. Using Selection Boxes:
    When you choose a selection box you are indicating that you would like to narrow your search to only the criteria selected. So, for example, if you type in the word "saturn" in the query box and select "Educational Materials" and "Simulations" from the Content Type checkboxes, you will receive a list of pages that contain the word "saturn" on the page and are either educational materials or online simulations. If in addition you click the "Observatory" checkbox under the Sections area, you'll receive only those pages that match the previous search parameters and are in addition located in the Observatory on the site. (In this case, the search will probably turn up the same pages, since it is doubtful that a page containing the word "saturn" will appear anywhere else than in the Observatory. If, on the other hand, you select "saturn" and go on to select "Geometry" from the Subjects categories or "Geometry Center" from the sections categories, chances are your search will turn up empty.)
  3. Refining Your Search:
    If your search turns up pages that are not quite what you wanted, you can go down to the bottom of the page and edit any of the search parameters you entered and resubmit your search query.

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