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Software Download: Astronomy

  • (476k) (Windows-95)
    Astronomy Lab V2.02: Generate animated movies that simulate a host of astronomical events, including eclipses, occultations, transits, orbits, and the motions of the planets in the plane of the ecliptic. In addition, produce reports for important astronomical events of the present, future and past. Also, generate several graphs that illustrate many fundamental astronomical concepts.

  • (7221k) (Windows-95)
    Home Planet V3: Full version (installation readme).
    A comprehensive astronomy / space / satellite-tracking package that calculates the position of the Earth, Sun, Moon, planets, asteroids, comets, and Earth satellites. Includes the following capabilities: Map of the Earth, Sun/Moon information panel, Planetary position panel, Sky map, Telescope display, Horizon view, Orrery, Satellite tracking panel, Vector map or texture-mapped image rendering, and Satellite database selection.

  • (1411k) (Windows-95)
    Home Planet V3: Lite version (installation readme).

  • (738k) (Windows-95)
    MyStars! V2.4.1: Show the position of the stars, the sun, the planets, comets and the Messier objects as they would be seen from any position on earth. Vary the time of view (What did the stars look like the day that I was born?). View the planet nam es, constellation names, and several celestial coordinate grids as well. Actual images are shown to scale for the planets. An animation generates a serie s of views separated by fixed intervals of time. Zoom to see items in further detail. A viewing option displays an orrery.

  • (3245k) (Windows-95)
    Stella 2000: Generate views of the heavens as seen from anywhere in the world. A virtual observatory and simulation of the stars in their courses as seen from Earth. Complete with observing log and list facility, live ephemeris, location browser, search planets, comets, DSOs, and up to 300,000 stars. See for more info.

  • (1960k) (Windows-95)
    ssystem: An OpenGL Solar System simulator includes the Sun, the planets, major satellites and background stars. All planetary data is scaled up for easier visualization. Options include Flat/Smooth shading model, Texture mapping, Lighting models, free and linked to planet camera modes.

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