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  • (844k) (Windows-95)
    Compass and Ruler V1.09: A program to help teachers and students understand geometric constructions with circles and straight lines. The program is not to be used as a CAD program. It is especiall y designed for the didactic purpose to teach mathematical ideas about geometry.

  • (4034k) (Windows-95)
    Kiddy Math V1: This software is primarily intended for use by primary school children (ages 6 - 12). Allows varying degrees of difficulty to be set. Please note that this software is merely a learning aid and is no substitute for a structured mathematics program created by a qualified teacher. Generates random sums and provides feedback to the player in tte form of a score counter.

  • (1780k) (Windows-95)
    Math Flash Cards: A math quiz program that was developed with children of all ages in mind. The user has the option to choose varying levels of difficulty in their math problems.

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