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Software Download: Polyhedra, Geometry, & Math

  • Plotting & Graphs

    • (1095k) (Windows-95)
      MathLab 95: Draw any function in 2-D / 3-D and L-Systems. Currently, has no symbolic computation support.

  • Geometry

    • (1657k) (Windows-95)
      NonEuclid: a Software Simulation offering Straightedge and Compass Constructions in Hyperbolic Geometry (a geometry of Einstein's General Relativity Theory and Curved Hyperspace) for use in High School and Undergraduate Education.

    • (1572k) (Windows-95)
      Paper Folding Fractals: Introductory lesson to fractals for the classroom or personal learning. Simple paper folding steps can give rise to varities of fractals. Explore the fractal rules of simple or complex patterns.

  • Formulas

    • (1860k) (Windows-95)
      Conversion Tables: A quick and simple way to convert between metric and standard measurements.

    • (955k) (Windows-95)
      MathBook: A mathematics handbook with different modules, including: integral calculus, advanced algebra, geometrya and trigonometry, random numbers, US/Metric conversions, and graph builder module.

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