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Sky Calendar for December 2002
4 New moon, 2:34am EST. Totally eclipse of the sun for parts of Africa and Australia. View Orrery Animation
(takes about a minute)
6 Venus and Mars pass with 1.6° of each other before dawn. Venus crescent reaches maximum size. See in Orrery
7 Earliest Sunrise at 40° N lattitude
11 First quarter moon, 10:49 EST See in Orrery
14 Peak of Geminid meteor
16 Saturn is in opposition to the Sun.
19 Full Moon, 2:10pm EST. See in Orrery
19 The shadow of Jupiter's moon Europa falls on its moon Io at 11:50pm EST. The plane in which Jupiter's moons orbit is only aligned with Earth twice during Jupiter's orbit of about 6 years. So occultations of Jupiter's moons typically occur several times over a two or three month period, and then not again for another 3 years. See in Orrery
21 Winter Solistice, 8:21pm EST
24 Mercury gibbous phase at maximum illumintaion. See in Orrery
25 Mercury reaches greatest elongation 20° east of the Sun. See in Night Sky
26 Last quarter Moon, 7:31pm EST. See in Orrery

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