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Orbit : Nasa Astronauts Photograph the Earth, by Jay Apt, Michael Helfert, Justin Wilkinson, Roger Ressmeyer (Editor), Roger Russmeyer

For the first time ever, readers can view our Earth just as if actually looking through the shuttle window. Orbit offers unprecedented access to spectacular NASA space photography. It contains natural color photos shot by astronaut Jay Apt and fellow astronauts with hand-held cameras inside the low-flying shuttle. Includes more than 170 color photos and maps. [] Orbit: NASA Astronauts Photograph the Earth is almost entirely text-free. Page after page of glorious pictures taken from the Space Shuttle are arranged by continent, so you can take a world tour from the comfort and safety of your own home. Some of the most striking shots are in a separate section on the aurora, revealing how the curtains of glowing particles rise at right angles to the surface high into the ionosphere. [ article, by Mary Ellen Curtin.]
A Journey Through Time : Exploring the Universe With the Hubble Space Telescope, by Jay Barbree, Martin Caidin, John Glenn

With a resolution more than ten times sharper than any telescope on Earth, the Hubble Space Telescope has seen more than 72 sextillion miles into the universe into events that took place more than 12 billion years ago. This spectacular collection of more than 200 color photos taken through Hubble presents a stupendous view of the universe. [synopsis,]
Hubble's Universe : A Portrait of Our Cosmos, by Simon Goodwin

A gallery of the most significant photographs of space as taken by the Hubble telescope explains what Hubble's achievements can tell us about the universe, its origins, and its future. [synopsis,]
Hubble Vision : Astronomy With the Hubble Space Telescope, by Carolyn Collins Petersen, John C. Brandt

The refurbished Hubble Space Telescope has revealed spectacular and intriguing details of every object upon which it has gazed. This lavishly illustrated volume comprehensively reviews the most exciting of these finds, presenting a superb collection of the most dramatic images taken by HST--from the Solar System and nearby stars to the most distant quasars and inklings of the early universe. 100 color plates. 50 halftone illustrations. 18 diagrams. [synopsis,] Hubble Vision by Carolyn Collins Petersen and John Brandt has fewer pictures per word, but the words are considerably more interesting and technical. They describe the design, refurbishing, and operation of the Hubble Space Telescope, as well as providing many images of planets, stars, galaxies, quasars, and more. This volume may possibly be too informative to be a classic gift book, but is still a very good choice for the more nerdy coffee table. [from an article by Mary Ellen Curtin]

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