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Tiling and Symmetry
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Simple Kaleidoscopes : 24 Spectacular Scopes to Make, by Gary Newlin

The appeal of kaleidoscopes is universal. Readers celebrate the magic of these eye-catching devices by learning how they work, and then creating two dozen of your own sensational--and simple--scopes. 70 color illustrations.
Design and Color in Islamic Architecture : Eight Centuries of the Tile-Maker's Art, by Roland Michaud (Photographer), Sabrina Michaud

The Koranic proscription against human and animal imagery turned centuries of Islamic artists and architects inward, to create unmatched examples of geometric and decorative art. This lavish, authoritative book, with gorgeous photographs by Roland and Sabrina Michaud, provides an introduction and overview to, as the subtitle disarmingly puts it, "Eight Centuries of the Tile-Maker's Art." The often-anonymous Islamic artists whose work is featured here, however, were far more than tile-makers: they were astonishing draughtsmen, dazzling colorists, hypnotically inventive creators of endlessly spiraling design. The Michauds' photographs are complemented by text from the scholar Michael Barry. The book is lent increased interest by the fact that some of the landmarks featured are now off-limits to many Westerners, especially Americans. [review,]
Handbook of Regular Patterns : An Introduction to Symmetry in Two Dimensions, by Peter S. Stevens, C. Peter Stevens

Introduction to Tessellations, by Dale Seymour, Jill Britton

M.C. Escher Kaleidocycles, by Wallace Walker, M. C. Escher, Doris S. Schattschneider

Quasicrystals and Geometry, by Marjorie Senechal

The Kaleidoscope Book : A Spectrum of Spectacular Scopes to Make, by Thom Boswell (Editor)

Structure in Nature Is a Strategy for Design, by Peter Pearce

Tilings and Patterns : An Introduction, by Branko Grunbaum, G.C. Shephard

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