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Simon & Schuster Children's Guide to Insects and Spiders, by Jinny Johnson

A detailed introduction to spiders and insects contains information about every major group of arachnids and insects, hundreds of thought-provoking facts, and full-color pictures and photographs. [synopsis,]
Broadsides from the Other Orders : A Book of Bugs, by Sue Hubbell, Dimitry Schidlovsky

God, the English biologist J.B.S. Haldane once observed, has an inordinate fondness for beetles--and, for that matter, for all the other little bugs and insects that abound on the earth. Sue Hubbell, a beekeeper-turned-essayist, shares that fondness, and after reading her notes on camel crickets, gypsy moths, and water striders, among other creatures, you will as well. Hubbell's appreciation extends even to bugs that we find noxious ("Silverfish," she writes, "are gregarious, sociable animals, liking their own company so much that they often eat one another"), although she admits to harboring a few favorites among the innumerable insect orders, notably bees, of course, and daddy longlegs spiders, whose "otherness" she rightly prizes. [review, Gregory McNamee for]
Bagging Big Bugs : How to Identify, Collect and Display the Largest and Most Colorful Insects of the Rocky Mountain Region, by Whitney Cranshaw, Boris Kondratieff

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